Quickly Generate Strategy Analyses Using Artificial Intelligence

Try "swot analysis" or "porter 5 forces", "AIDA model" or any other strategy tool you need to enhance yuor business.


We're using Apple as a reference, but of course, feel free to play with it.


Below you find a list of prompts you can use to start playing with the AI tool; simply copy and paste any of these to get started!


- SWOT Analysis of Apple
- Ansoff Matrix of Apple
- Porter 5 Forces of Apple
- AIDA Model of Apple
- PESTEL Analysis of Apple
- BCG Matrix of Apple
- Scenario Planning of Apple
- Strategy Map of Apple
- Grand Strategy Matrix of Apple
- Balanced Scorecard of Apple
- Distribution Strategy of Apple
- DESTEP Analysis of Apple
- Competitor Analysis of Apple
- Force-Field Analysis of Apple
- SOAR Analysis of Apple
- GAP Analysis of Apple
- SERVQUAL Model of Apple
- Four Actions Framework of Apple
- Value/Risk Matrix of Apple
- RACI Matrix of Apple
- OGSM Framework of Apple
- VRIO Framwork of Apple
- RACE Model of Apple
- Competitive Profile Matrix of Apple
- Triple Bottom Line of Apple
- Marketing Mix of Apple


Please keep in mind that if you are not getting the result you were looking for you might be using the wrong prompt. Make sure, indeed, to retry by borrowing from some of the prompts shown above!


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